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Robomate+ is India's Largest Video Platform for Students helping them prepare better for exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, CA CPT, MBA, CAT, CMAT, CET, Board Exams such as CBSE, ICSE, SSC (Class 9 and Class 10) ,HSC Commerce and HSC Science.

Download Robomate+ and watch awesome, modular lectures during your commute, coffee break, or any time of your day.

Robomate+ helps you
● Access Free Lectures of Expert Faculty with Detailed Content and Explanation
● Perform like Toppers do
● Revise Quickly with Robomate+

Top Benefits of Robomate+
1. Crack Difficult Concepts with Ease
● Understand Difficult Topics by reviewing videos as much as you want
● Watch High Quality Video Lectures from the Best Faculties
2. Learn Anytime, Anywhere
● Study even if you are out of station
● Study any time of day whenever you want to
3. Save Money and Time
● Install the Free App to access detailed content and Save money
● Save Travel Time and Travel Expenses

Access the following Free courses on Robomate+
• Online video lectures for IIT-JEE- MAIN and ADVANCED
• Online video lectures for CA-CPT
• Online video lectures for MBA - TEST PREP. - CAT, CMAT
• Online video lectures for CBSE – Std.9 & Std.10
• Online video lectures for ICSE – Std.9 & Std.10
• Online video lectures for MHTCET - ENGG. and MEDICAL – Std.12
• Online video lectures for SCIENCE - MH-STATE BOARD – Std.11 and Std.12
• Online video lectures for COMMERCE - MH-STATE BOARD – Std. 11th and Std.12
• Online video lectures for MH-STATE BOARD ENGLISH MEDIUM - Std.9, Std.10
• Online video lectures for MH-STATE BOARD MARATHI MEDIUM - Std.9, Std.10
• Online video lectures for MH-STATE BOARD SEMI ENGLISH MEDIUM - Std.9, Std.10
• Online video lectures for KARNATAKA PU 1 - SCIENCE

You will want to make note of a few points to get the maximum use of the videos.
1. Be in a silent room free of distractions when studying on the app. Alternatively, you can use a pair of headphones (Remember to keep the volume low when plugging in the headphones.)
2. We have observed that you should not spend more than 30 minutes at a stretch watching the videos.
3. Post that, around 10-20 minutes should be spent recollecting the concepts in the video and solving relevant examples if any.
4. You can then revisit the videos to further clarify your understanding of the concept.
5. We are confident that the videos we have provided should help you instantly score better marks in the upcoming exams.

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